Project Description

Above is some information that can help you get a head-start on preparing to teach online or teaching in a blended mode.

Also, here are some resources for teachers’ reference when thinking about how to adapt their teaching practices for an online/blended/flipped approach.

Pedagogical / UMMoodle Consultation

Teaching and Learning Blog

Empowering Online Learning: 100+ Activities for Reading, Reflecting, Displaying, and Doing

Flipped Learning for Science Instruction

Zoom Help Center

Technical Support at UM
Please visit ICTO Knowledge Base for technical support.

Essentials of Online Course Design : A Standards-Based Guide

The Blended Course Design Workbook: A Practical Guide

Get additional support:

  1. Technical support with UMMoodle: ICTO Help Desk (link).
  2. For help signing in to Zoom, please contact ICTO Help Desk at 8822-8600 or search ICTO Knowledge Base.
  3. To learn about the features of Zoom, search or
  4. Faculty members or groups of teaching assistants can request an online meeting with CTLE for ideas on incorporating video conferencing into your teaching. Contact Dr. Chris Fulton at
  5. Pedagogical and video recording resources for academic staff: consultations (link) or CTLE Resources (link).



  • CTLE教學網誌(相關連結
  • 翻轉式學習指南 (澳大圖書館在線閱讀書本,需要登入UMPASS閱讀)(相關連結
  • 影片:慕課各有風格:數碼教育世界的旅程(相關連結
  • 來設計教學吧:建立學習和技術的教學模式 (澳大圖書館在線閱讀書本,需要登入UMPASS閱讀)(相關連結


  1. UMMoodle技術支援:ICTO服務平台(相關連結
  2. 校內Zoom帳號登錄:致電8822-8600與ICTO服務平台聯繫,或搜索ICTO知識庫。(相關連結
  3. 了解Zoom的功能,請登錄Zoom官方支援網頁(相關連結
  4. 本中心也可以在線支援澳大教學人員,請聯絡本中心電子教學技術同事Chris Fulton (
  5. 請到本中心網站尋找更多教學資源(相關連結