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Director of CTLE

Prof. Katrine WONG
Prof. Katrine WONGDirector of CTLE
+853 8822 8239

CTLE Administrative Staff

Ms. Aileen CHU
Ms. Aileen CHUAdministration
+853 8822-8430
Dr. Christopher FULTON
Dr. Christopher FULTONE-Learning
+853 8822-4574
Ms. Edith Un In MAK
Ms. Edith Un In MAKEvents
+853 8802-4629
Mr. Fernando WONG
Mr. Fernando WONGMedia
+853 8822-8020

CTLE Academic Staff Advisors

Prof. Nevia DOLCINI
Prof. Nevia DOLCINI (FAH)
Ms. Sumiko ITO
Ms. Sumiko ITO (FAH-ELC)
Prof. Javier CUERVO
Prof. Javier CUERVO(FBA)
Prof. Frank GONG
Prof. Frank GONG (FED)
Prof. Terence POON
Prof. Terence POON (FHS)
Prof. Rostam NEUWIRTH
Prof. Rostam NEUWIRTH (FLL)
Prof. Hongyu WANG
Prof. Hongyu WANG(FSS)
Prof. Thomas LOK
Prof. Thomas LOK(FST)
Prof. Bingpu ZHOU
Prof. Bingpu ZHOU (IAPME)
Prof. Maggie HOI
Prof. Maggie HOI (ICMS)
Dr. Alice LEE
Dr. Alice LEETechnology (ELC)
Mr. Miguel COSTA
Mr. Miguel COSTATechnology (FST)

Student Trainees

Lorna ZHUANGStudent Trainee
+853 8822-4583
Jasper XUE
Jasper XUEStudent Trainee
+853 8822-4583