Preparing Undergraduate and Postgraduate Learners for Course Activities: Practical Advice from UM Professors

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The challenge of preparing learners from different backgrounds was discussed...

[ Teaching in Residential Colleges ] Dr. Gary Fung (MLC), Dr. Peggy Lau (MCMC) and Mr. Miker Cheang (CKPC) share teaching experience

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Watch the interview and know how resident fellows teach in RC with their different expertise to enhance teaching and learning with students. 

[Prepare Students For Future Real-World Challenges] Prof. Derek Wong from the Faculty of Science and Technology shares teaching experience

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Watch the interview and know how Prof. Derek Wong develops related skills and methods to students on teaching the courses of NLP and MT.

[Learn From Children, Learn Like Children] Prof. Sophia Deng from the Faculty of Social Sciences shares teaching experience

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Watch the interview video and know how Prof. Sophia’s teaching was inspired by her research on infant learning methods!