DCTLE visited Guandong Province for academic communication

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On 27-28 June, Prof. Katrine Wong (DCTLE) visited Guangdong Province. At the invitation from Jinan University, Prof. Wong met with leadership (of Registry and EdTech) of Jinan University and visited studios and media rooms. She also gave a workshop, ‘Digital-Age Teaching and Learning at UM’, during which she shared examples of innovative course designs at UM and led a mini, mock Shakespeare class.

At the invitation of Guangdong-Hong […]

ICTO and CTLE attended ‘Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao HE Intelligent Education Seminar’

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On 20-21 June, Mr. Antony Si Tou (Interim Director, ICTO), Ms. Ivy Lao (Interim Head of IMS, ICTO) and Prof. Katrine Wong (Director, CTLE) attended work-group meeting of the Alliance and seminar ‘Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao HE Intelligent Education Seminar’, held at Macao Polytechnic Institute. Prof. Wong spoke about exemplary UM courses and application of technology in these courses in her presentation on ‘High-Tech, Low-Tech and […]

CTLE advisor gave teaching presentation at City University of Macau

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On 14 June, Dr. Alice Lee, CTLE Academic Staff Advisor (ELC), was among the experts at a conference held at City University of Macau, along the theme of University Teaching Reformation and Innovation. Dr. Lee used both English and Mandarin and gave a well-received presentation on aligning assessment with ILOs (intended learning outcomes). Present at […]