[ Teaching in Residential Colleges ] Dr. Gary Fung, Dr. Peggy Lau and Mr. Miker Cheang share teaching experience

Dear teachers and teaching assistants, do you feel that students have now become accustomed to the established educational methods to receive knowledge? Do you want to introduce something new, something different?

CTLE continues the excellent teaching and learning sharing series, this time we focus on UM residential colleges system (RC), which based on university’s 4-in-1 education model and invited Dr. Gary Fung (MLC), Dr. Peggy Lau (MCMC) and Mr. Miker Cheang (CKPC) to share teaching experience in RC.

Watch the interview and know how resident fellows teach in RC with their different expertise to enhance teaching and learning with students!

[ 書院中的教學 ] 馮家維博士(MLC)、劉沛棋博士(MCMC)及鄭智明先生(CKPC)分享教與學經驗