[Prepare Students For Future Real-World Challenges] Prof. Derek Wong from the Faculty of Science and Technology shares teaching experience

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Watch the interview and know how Prof. Derek Wong develops related skills and methods to students on teaching the courses of NLP and MT.

[Learn From Children, Learn Like Children] Prof. Sophia Deng from the Faculty of Social Sciences shares teaching experience

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Watch the interview video and know how Prof. Sophia’s teaching was inspired by her research on infant learning methods!

[Think Like A Scientist] Prof. Ruiyu Xie from the Faculty of Health & Sciences Shares Teaching Experience

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Dear teachers and teaching assistants, do you think that current students are accustomed to be taught? Do you want to change?

After interview with the teaching excellence of FAH, FBA and FED, CTLE continued to conduct the interview series of excellence teaching sharing . This time we invited Professor Ruiyu XIE from FHS to share her […]

【Revolution About Education】 Prof. Barry REYNOLDS from the Faculty of Education Shares Teaching Experience

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Professor Barry from FED shares his experience and thoughts on teaching and learning.

【Relate Students’ Learning Experience into Daily Life】Prof. Susan REN Shares Teaching Experience

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When the course requires students to make a lot of calculations, but also to arouse their interest in learning, are there any good ways for teachers to guide them?

CTLE continued to produce the series of excellent teaching and learning sharing sessions. This episode interviewed Professor Susan Ren from FBA, who has been taught in […]