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【Relate Students’ Learning Experience into Daily Life】Prof. Susan REN Shares Teaching Experience

When the course requires students to make a lot of calculations, but also to arouse their interest in learning, are there any good ways for teachers to guide them? CTLE continued to produce the series of excellent teaching and learning sharing sessions. This episode interviewed Professor Susan Ren from FBA, who has been taught in UM for 10 years, to share her teaching philosophy and experience. She advocates connecting students' learning experiences to life and attracting students to learn. 當課程需要學生作出大量的計算時,又要引起他們的學習興趣,老師們有沒有甚麼好方法引導他們呢? 教與學優化中心繼續進行優秀教與學分享系列訪問,這一集邀請到工商管理學院教授Susan任錦娟分享她的教學理念和經驗。 在澳大任教已10年的金融學系教授Susan,主張把學生的學習經驗聯繫生活裡,吸引學生學習。一起來聽聽她的分享!

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