6 Things you need to check before hosting Zoom lecture

Here are a few things that you can easily check before hosting a class on Zoom.

They will help you get prepared and run the Zoom session smoothly.



Students  experiencing very slow  network  speeds or  having  problems  connecting to  UMMoodle can use the Moodle Mobile app  to  download  course resources. Students can download the course when they are on a fast  network. Using the Moodle app may help students see their course resources, messages, forums, and some quizzes can even be taken offline.

Here is a list of resources to facilitate teaching online. In these resource pages, you will find different methods described, with supplementary step-by-step guides:

· CTLE: Getting Started With Online Classes
· CTLE: Five ways to make the most of UMMoodle
· CTLE: Can I conduct online classes with a basic Zoom account?
· ICTO: Quick Start to eLearning
· How To Use Zoom? 如何使用 Zoom? 
· Guideline on using the digital recording pen on Powerpoint for online lectures

Students who would like more information should pay close attention to their courses on UMMoodle. Video tutorials on how to use UMMoodle can be found at an ICTO page, A Distance Learning Quick Start Guide for Students.

Zoom Support Desk

1.    Online submission via submit a request.
2.    Chat live with our support team by visiting your account and selecting help in the lower right hand corner here.

Contact Points:
For teachers and students –
ICTO Help Desk

Telephone: 8822-8600
Email: elearning@um.edu.mo



  • 開始使用在線或混合式教學(CTLE)(相關連結
  • 5招用好UMMoodle(CTLE)(相關連結
  • 常見問題:我可以使用基本的Zoom帳戶進行在線課程嗎?(CTLE)(相關連結
  • 電子學習快速入門(ICTO)(相關連結
  • 如何使用Zoom?(ICTO)(相關連結
  • 在PPT上如何使用錄音筆錄製教學課件(CTLE)(相關連結

1.     在線申請(相關連結);
2.     登錄您Zoom帳號,並點選在右下角的Help幫助按鍵,與我們進行即時技術支援。(相關連結





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