On 20 October, CTLE hosted a professional development online workshop, ‘Facilitating Collaborative Learning’, in which speakers from Cornell University shared experience and strategies on collaborative learning. Over 50 academic staff members from UM joined the event.

Speakers from the Center for Teaching Innovation at Cornell University, Dr. Robert Vanderlan (Senior Associate Director) and Ms. Rachel Gunderson (Instructional Designer), shared different examples of collaborative learning, benefits and challenges thereof, as well as ways of enhancing student engagement in collaborative learning. Through sharing examples of semester-long group projects from Cornell University, the speakers shared with the audience methods that would help students form teams, for example, ‘team contracts’. Assigning roles and responsibilities for group members is another method that can help students stay on task.

UM colleagues interacted with the speakers via chat and poll and shared their experience of conducting collaborative learning activities.

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該校教學創新中心高級副主任Robert Vanderlan博士和教學設計師Rachel Gunderson女士擔任主講嘉賓分享了協作學習的不同示例、益處和挑戰,以及提高學生參與協作學習的方法;並透過分享康奈爾大學內為期一學期的小組項目實例,介紹了幫助學生組建團隊的方法,例如〝團隊契約〞;另外他們也提到為小組成員分配角色和職責,也能幫助學生完成學習任務