On 7 September, CTLE held a professional development seminar on student engagement. Over 70 UM academic staff joined the event.

Prof. Christopher Headleand from Staffordshire University, UK, spoke on student engagement. He explained student engagement and educational innovation, how they became his central teaching philosophy, and how student engagement could facilitate educational innovation. He also introduced the I3 innovation framework to colleagues: Inveterate, Innovation and Intervention. He shared examples from his research background that could engage students, such as live-streaming of video games and learning community awareness. He concluded the event by giving colleagues several tips that could keep students engaged.

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9 月 7 日,教與學優化中心舉辦了專業發展研討會,探討如何提升學生參與度,逾70名澳大學術人員參加。

來自英國斯塔福德郡大學的 Christopher Headleand 教授以學生參與為題作主題演講,他解釋了他的核心教學理念:學生參與和創新,以及兩者之間的促進關係;他還介紹了 I3 創新框架:Inveterate(習慣)、Innovation(創新) 和 Intervention(介入);他從他的研究背景中分享了吸引學生參與的例子:遊戲直播及學習社群意識;最後他向同事展示了一些可以讓學生持續參與的技巧。