CTLE held New Faculty Training on 5 and 9 August. Over 100 UM academic staff members joined the two-part event.

In the first part of the training, Prof. Katrine Wong, director of CTLE, gave the keynote presentation on teaching and learning at UM and course design. She spoke about UM’s student-centred education, as well as different practices, communities and resources that would benefit teaching and learning at UM. She emphasized the importance of intended learning outcomes (ILOs) in teaching at UM and talked about course syllabus, effective teaching design and assessment. (Download Slides) (Watch Video)

Dr. Alice Lee (ELC-FAH), Dr. Chris Fulton (CTLE) and Mr. Miguel Costa (FST) shared a session on E-learning Essentials in the second part of the training. Dr. Fulton introduced Zoom, video-conferencing tool used at UM and shared tips on using Zoom for online teaching. Mr. Costa and Dr. Lee talked about essential features such as course management, announcement and forum on UMMoodle, which is the learning management system at UM. They also highlighted the importance of the student information web service for academic staff (SI Web). (Download Slides) (Watch Video)

CTLE’s New Faculty Training provides new faculty members with a general introduction to teaching and learning in the UM context. The training aims to enhance colleagues’ teaching skills, with which colleagues will be able to facilitate more effective teaching and learning at UM. The training covers topics such as principles of learning, university policies related to T&L, fundamental concepts of course design and e-learning tools.

8月5日及9日, 教與學優化中心在開學前舉行了新入職教師培訓,逾100名澳大教學人員參加了此活動。


Alice Lee 博士 (人文學院英語中心)、Chris Fulton 博士 (教與學優化中心)和 Miguel Costa 先生 (科技學院) 在第二部分培訓上分享了科技如何支持教學的要點。 Chris Fulton博士介紹並分享了在線上環境中使用Zoom 教學的技巧。 Miguel Costa先生和Alice Lee博士則分享了在校園學習管理系統UMMoodle上如何管理課程、公告和論壇等功能,並分享了學生資訊服務(SI Web)對澳大老師的重要性。 (下載PPT)(觀看影片