Over 440 postgraduate students participated in the CTLE Online TA Training 2021, which concluded successfully on 20 October with an online salon.

The organizers would like to commend the successful postgraduate students who have learnt core skills needed by those who are involved in supporting professors and undergraduate courses.

This year’s online TA training was created and facilitated by Prof. Katrine Wong (DCTLE/FAH), Prof. Rose Lai (FBA), Prof. Garry Wong (FHS), Dr. Alice Lee (FAH-ELC), Dr. Chris Fulton (CTLE) and Ms. Miranda Ma (FAH-ELC).

At the concluding event for the TA training, an online salon, participants had another chance to engage with distinguished educators and peers, and the panelists were delighted by the interaction and discussion the TA Salon generated. Experienced teaching assistants contributed to the panel discussion, including, Ms. Xinyu Kong (FAH), Ms. Runrun He (FSS), Ms. Tianjiao Zhang (FHS), and Mr. Zihao Zhang (FST).

To learn more about professional development opportunities and events for colleagues who are interested in continuing to enhance their teaching and learning skills, please visit our website at ctle.um.edu.mo.



在沙龍活動裡,助教們與本校的老師和現職助教交流和互動。經驗豐富的助教參與了小組討論,包括Xinyu Kong小姐、Runrun He小姐、Tianjiao Zhang小姐和Zihao Zhang先生。

助教在線培訓的導師有:王嘉祺教授、黎寧教授、黃值富教授、Alice Lee博士、Chris Fulton博士和馬倩兒小姐。

如想了解更多促進專業教與學的技能和活動,歡迎瀏覽教與學優化中心網站 ctle.um.edu.mo