On 10 November, CTLE held a professional development seminar, ‘From learning English to learning in English’. Nearly 40 UM academic members joined the event and shared their experience in facilitating UM students’ learning in an English medium environment.

Prof. Katherine Chen, Director of English Learning Centre (ELC) of UM, shared with colleagues ELC’s revised curriculum. She gave a comparative summary of language environments in higher education institutions in Macao, Hong Kong and mainland China, and compared UM students’ language levels (upon entrance) against international language standards, including Common European Framework (CEF), IELTS and HKDSE. It was stated that the purpose of the curriculum revision was mainly to provide UM students with proficient academic English skills. (Download PPT) (Watch Video)

Ms. Janet Beth Randall (ELC) gave an overview of ELC core levels and introduced projects designed for enhancement of students’ academic English skills. She also showed how ELC teaching facilitated groupwork among students in order to acculturate them to university learning. (Watch Video)

Ms. Miranda Ma (ELC) then shared her experience in working with students with different levels of English proficiency and showed different strategies to enhance students’ success when working on their assignments. (Download PPT) (Watch Video)

In the faculty panel session, Prof. Nevia Dolcini (FAH), Prof. Sophia Deng (FSS) and Dr. Gary Fung (MLC) shared their thoughts on challenges their students faced in their courses. They also gave examples of how they had adjusted their teaching design to help students succeed in learning in an English environment. (Watch Video)


澳大英語中心(ELC)主任陳海瑛教授與同事們分享ELC最新修訂的英語課程;她總結了本澳、香港和國內高等教育的語言環境,並將澳大學生入學時的英語水平,與歐洲共同框架(CEF)、雅思和香港中學文憑試等國際標准進行了比較,她表示課程修訂的目的讓澳大學生掌握更優質的學術英語技巧。 (下載PPT)觀看影片)

Janet Beth Randall 女士 (ELC) 介紹英語中心的核心課程,並分享提高學生學術英語技能的教學項目,她還展示了 該中心如何促進學生之間的小組合作,以便適應大學學習。(觀看影片)

馬倩兒女士 (ELC) 分享了她對不同英語水平的學生進行教學的經驗,並介紹如何運用不同的策略來幫助學生完成作業。 (下載PPT)觀看影片)

在最後的教師小組討論環節上,Nevia Dolcini教授(FAH)、鄧瑋教授(FSS)和馮家維博士(MLC)分享了對學生在課程中面對不同挑戰的看法,還舉例說明了他們如何調整教學設計以幫助學生在英語環境中取得成功。(觀看影片)