On 8 December, CTLE Academic Staff Advisor Mr. Miguel Gomes da Costa Junior was invited to participate as one of the panelists at the workshop “Sharing Experiences of Teaching and Learning During COVID-19: Building Responsive and Resilient Curriculum for the Next Normal” for IEEE TALE 2020. The International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Education, originally scheduled to be held in Takamatsu, Japan, went online because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During his lightning talk presentation, Mr. Costa highlighted how CTLE, since the very beginning of the pandemic, acted as the main driver and supporter during the shift of teaching from classroom to online. Through online workshops, tips in the T&L Blog, as well as all the resources available for faculty members, CTLE continues to raise awareness for enhance teaching effectiveness, to provide support for quality teaching and learning, and to promote excellence in teaching and learning. Mr. Costa also emphasized the importance of both the Residential College system in providing pastoral care for students during the difficult months and ICTO in providing technical support.

Regarding his own teaching and during the roundtable discussion, Mr. Costa shared several points, including challenges in maintaining teaching and learning quality, assessment, communication, and interaction constraints with students. In his final remarks, he pointed out the need for fine-tuning teaching and learning during the COVID-19, alerting teachers to the importance of the use of technology and encouraging teachers to try new methodologies and find suitable ones for our teaching in the current situation.