Video Recording Studios Are Open to UM Staff

Two recording studios that enable academic staff to make high-quality educational video recordings are now open for use. Instructors are invited to record videos in CTLE Studios 1 and 2 for their blended-learning courses and online conferences.

UM staff can reserve CTLE Studio 1 or 2 using our UM Resource Booking System. When making a reservation, please include a description of your educational project in a few words so we can prepare the relevant equipment.* A CTLE colleague will also be available in a studio to assist you in getting started.

Examples of educational videos which have been created in these studios are:

  • Presentations for online conferences, workshops and classes,
  • Interviews or conversations,
  • Demonstrations for face-to-face courses,
  • Screen recordings for blended-learning courses.

Teachers’ Feedback on CTLE Studios

Studios are set up to record:

  • One or two individuals – Up to two instructors can record a video of themselves speaking or conversing. To save time, bring a script to display on a  screen or online teleprompter. The recordings will be edited and polished using Adobe Premiere Rush. The final product should be a recording with excellent image and audio quality.
  • One’s voice and slides – Instructors can narrate their slides using Logitech Capture or OBS Studio, switching between their slides or their voice, themselves, and their slides.
  • An individual in front of a green screen – Bring a background or two to use with our green screen. In the video recordings, you will appear in front of the background image. Recordings can be edited with Final Cut Pro X on an iMac in the studios.
  • Annotate screen – Record presentations and your annotations using a tool, Epic Pen. This tool enables you to write on any screen or document and is available in Studio 2.

Please bring a USB 3.0 or 3.1 flash drive on which you can save your video recordings. After recording videos, we suggest quickly editing it with software that is on a computer in the studio to improve the video and audio quality.

To maintain a safe space during this pandemic, a maximum of three UM staff are permitted into a studio at any one time.

CTLE Studios can only be booked during office hours. For inquiries, please contact Fernando Wong at 8822-8020 or

教與學優化中心的兩個多媒體工作室(CTLE Studio1、2)現已開放預約使用!澳大教職員能夠製作高質量的教育影片,我們誠邀老師們在工作室中錄製視頻影片,以進行混合式教學和舉行在線會議。

澳大教職員可以使用「澳大資源借用」系統預約使用CTLE Studio 12。請在預約時用注明你的教學項目簡述,以便我們準備器材及設置,我們也將協助你操作工作室內的各種器材。


  • 在線會議、研討會和課程的演示,
  • 訪談或對話,
  • 面對面課程的演示,
  • 混合學習課程的屏幕錄像。



  • 一個或兩個人:最多可以有兩個老師能錄製自己講話或交談的影片。為節省時間,請先在屏幕或提詞機上顯示內容,錄影完成後可以使用Adobe Premiere Rush編輯和優化錄音,並最終輸出具有出色圖像和音頻質量的影片。
  • 一個人的聲音和幻燈片:老師可以使用Logitech CaptureOBS Studio等程式對其教學簡報加上旁白,並可以切換不同影像的來源畫面。
  • 一個人在綠幕前:請預先準備一兩個背景的圖檔作為取代綠幕的影像。在錄影中,你將出現在背景圖像的前面。可以在工作室裡的iMac上使用Final Cut Pro X編輯影片。
  • 註釋屏幕:使用Epic Pen工具記錄演示文稿和註釋,它使您可以在任何屏幕或文檔上書寫,請在Studio 2裡使用。

*請帶上USB 3.0或3.1 的隨身盤,您可以保存影片在裡面;成功錄製影片後,建議你使用工作室的電腦快速對其進行編輯,以提高影音質量。



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