Video Conferencing Spaces at CTLE Are Open to UM Staff


CTLE has four spaces that can be requested by UM staff or their teaching assistants for administrative meetings and course activities (fewer than three).  UM staff can request a room for up to two 75-minute periods per day using the UM resource booking system. For regularly scheduled courses in the Fall semester, requests for these interactive spaces can be made to one’s faculty office.

A summary of the capacity and features of each space is provided below.

CTLE Meeting Room

  • Seats up to 8 people 
  • Excellent video conferencing camera and microphones
  • Laptop with an ultra-HD video conferencing system (pan-tilt camera with remote control, two table array microphones with a range of 2 meters)
  • Available during office hours
  • Reserve using UM resource booking system (Meeting Room)
  • Location: E6-3111


CTLE Demo Classroom

  • Flexible seating for 10–25 people 
  • PC with simple video conferencing system (pan-tilt camera with remote control, two wireless microphones with a range of 1.5 meters)
  • Two touchscreen displays are connected to PC
  • Location: E6-3112


Interactive Learning Space 1 

  • Flexible seating for up to 72 people
  • PC with simple video conferencing system (pan-tilt camera with remote control, one clip-on wireless microphone, one wireless microphone with a range of 1.5 meters)
  • Location: E3-1032


Interactive Learning Space 2 (available in September due to upgrading of equipment)

  • U-shaped tables with seating for up to 45 people
  • Excellent video conferencing cameras and multiple wireless microphones
  • PC with ultra-HD video conferencing system (two pan-tilt cameras with remote controls, six wireless microphones throughout the classroom)
  • Location: E3-G034


☎️ For inquiries on the above spaces, please contact our administrative staff Fernando Wong at ext. 8020 or

🔊 Information on equipment in standard classrooms and lecture theaters is available from the Facility Management and Maintenance Section (FMM),  on the page Classroom Audio-Visual Equipment Support.

📹 More information on the video conferencing services provided by ICTO can be found on a page, Conferencing: Service Overview


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