On 27 November, CTLE held an innovative roundtable event, “Teaching & Learning Roundtable: Multi-Faceted Pedagogies @UM”, which attracted close to 40 academic staff members.

The roundtable was divided into three main sessions, which featured SFQs, elevator pitches from Blended Learning FLC members and micro-presentations on teaching technologies.

The first session, moderated by Prof. Rico Lam (FBA/REG) and Prof. Katrine Wong(FAH/CTLE), looked at effective uses of student evaluation of teaching. Prof. Rico Lam gave the opening remarks on some of the uses and significance of mid-term surveys and SFQs. He also initiated some intense discussion with the audience on challenges and possible changes of SFQs. [Download PPT]

Five speakers from different faculties and academic units gave elevator pitches on opportunities and challenges in blended learning on UM campus. The session was moderated by Prof. Chuang Wang, Dean of FED and CTLE Principal Academic Advisor. Prof. Wang commended on the diversity of colleagues’ practices and shared his teaching and learning experience in the U.S.

Prof. Si Man Lei (FED): technologies used in active learning [Download PPT]

Prof. Duncan Leung (ICMS): tools used in his blended-learning course, including the use of images to facilitate students’ understanding [Download PPT]

Prof. Roberval Silva (FAH): combination of videos and tasks in classroom [Download PPT]

Prof. Elizabeth Hsiang (FED): activities designed for Moodle forums and Kahoot [Download PPT]

Prof. Ruiyu Xie (FHS): pedagogical experiments and observations in her course on biology [Download PPT]

The last session showcased two parallel sets (a total number of 6) of micro-presentations on tools and use of technology for active learning and student success. Colleagues enjoyed the format and arrangement of this session, as they could go from one micro-presentation to another freely.

Stehanie Bowles (ELC/FAH): use of interactive boards for T&L activities held in CTLE Interactive Learning Spaces

Molly Lei (LIB) and Joshua Lee (ELC/FAH): features of Veriguide and tips on helping students avoid plaigiarism

Miguel Costa (FST) and John Chan (ICTO): the function of taking attendance in UMMoodle with QR code [Download PPT]

Chris Fulton and Fernando Wong (CTLE): an introduction of tools on video recording, including tips on different types of videos, apps that facilitate video recording and editing. They also gave a hands-on demonstration on using a green screen with chroma-key. [Download PPT] [Download Video Guideline]

Alan Chan (ELC/FAH): PDF annotation for assignment marking (a built-in plug-in in UMModle) which allows students and teachers to insert questions and comments.

Miranda Ma (ELC/FAH): use of movable whiteboards for class activities