EduTECH Asia is one of the largest educational conferences in Asia, which for four days in November hosted workshops, keynote presentations, roundtable events, an expo of the latest educational tools and practices, and a hackathon. A delegation from the Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement, led by Prof. Katrine Wong, attended the event. Prof. Wong represented the University of Macau and led a workshop and panel discussion, which made participants aware of the recent pedagogical development at UM. The event included keynotes from renowned educators from around the world and was attended by over 3,000 attendees.

A theme central to this year’s event was “inspiring the next generation,” and the range of topics covered by educators was extensive. For instance, in workshops, participants had hands-on practice developing plans for learning spaces that better enabled personalized learning. Keynote presentations on the role of artificial intelligence in education were then followed up with roundtable discussions on enabling AI in education using a design thinking approach. Many photos and highlights from the event can be seen on Twitter at

All in all, the EduTECH Asia 2019 conference was an excellent forum for collecting designs on pedagogical innovation from other higher education institutions and educators and useful for planning for the future. Other members of the CTLE delegation included Chris Fulton, an e-learning technology officer, and Fernando Wong.

11月初,教與學優化中心代表們在主任王嘉祺教授帶領下,到新加坡出席了EduTECH Asia 2019科技教學博覽會,活動包括研討會、主題演講、圓桌會議和展覽等,吸引來自世界各地教學專家參與。

王教授主持了一個工作坊及小組討論,使與會者了解澳大最新的教學發展。科技學習技術主任Chris Fulton及負責傳訊工作同事黃詠豪一同出席了活動。