Project Description

Interactive Learning Space 2

Interactive Learning Space 2 (ILS 2 / E3-G034) is a space in the Central Teaching Building that enables an instructor and all 40 students in the classroom to participate in online meetings*. The classroom is ideal for oral defenses, conferences, or a “global classroom.”

  • One 4K camera with auto-tracking is mounted at the rear of the classroom,
  • One 4K wide-angle camera is at the front of the classroom, facing students,
  • Ten professional wireless microphones (1 x clip-on, 1 x handheld, 4 x gooseneck, 4 x tabletop) around the classroom enable “hands-free” online meetings and classes,
  • A dedicated Zoom PC is installed for online meetings,
  • The room seats 20 to 40 students, depending upon the seating arrangement,
  • Features a u-shaped seating arrangement and large whiteboards.

* Note that the video conferencing equipment​ is connected to a mini-pc in the lectern and must be used with that mini-pc.


Using the UM resource booking system, an interactive room can be requested for one time course activities, a limited number of class meetings (fewer than three), or regularly scheduled courses.

When requesting a CTLE space using our booking system, please provide the course code and instructor’s name and a description of the classroom activities.

To request an ILS for regularly-scheduled courses in the upcoming semester, academic staff will need to contact administrative staff in the general office of their home Faculty/Unit.

Colleagues who will use the spaces are highly encouraged to attend a 10-minute introduction to the classroom equipment prior to using the spaces. Request an introduction by using the booking system and leave a remark. Also, let CTLE know if you will use the laptop in the classroom extensively and we can create an account for your use during the current semester.


To help academic staff make use of the classroom equipment, we encourage staff to take a minute to review quick start videos and important reminders at * Note that the video conferencing equipment​ is connected to the mini-pc in the lectern and must be used with that mini-pc.

For inquiries on the above rooms please contact our administrative staff Fernando Wong at ext. 8020 or