Project Description

By Glenn McCartney


Recently I used a CTLE studio to do an interview with Asia Gaming Brief (AGB). AGB is a media company that has a daily newsletter, monthly magazine, and from time will feature interviews with those from the casino industry – particularly on important current issues. Chris Fulton had introduced the studio at a presentation to FBA faculty previously on how CTLE can support teaching delivery, so this had stuck in my mind. I used the lab for the first time early this year (with my 2 co-authors) to do a short video clip to promote a journal article we had just published. The video clip was used to promote the article on social media.


The lab was really easy to use – and I’m so poor with technology! It’s all set up in front of you. I have done several media interviews online during COVID-19 and one thing I’ve learnt that’s so very important, which is why I will be using the CTLE studio more, is the lighting, sound and a green screen contribute to a professional looking video. I must thank Fernando Wong for his kind help on doing the setup and being there when I arrived.

Here is the edited video press release as it appeared on AGB.