Project Description

Interactive Learning Space 1

CTLE has interactive learning spaces (classrooms) available for academic purposes in the Central Teaching Building. 

Interactive Learning Space 1 (ILS 1) is designed to facilitate group work, discussions, collaborative activities, and active learning approaches to teaching and learning. The room features:

  • Hexagonal, reconfigurable tables to facilitate face-to-face interactions, group work and discussions
  • Multiple displays for sharing and seeing information
  • Wireless connections for Android, Apple and Windows devices
  • Multiple writeable surfaces, e.g., movable whiteboards
  • Video conferencing equipment**
  • Capacity for up to 60 people

** Note that the video conferencing equipment​ is connected to a mini-pc in the lectern and must be used with that mini-pc.

To request an ILS for regularly-scheduled courses in the upcoming semester, academic staff will need to contact administrative staff in the general office of their home Faculty/Unit.

Using the UM resource booking system, CTLE interactive learning spaces can be requested by academic staff for one time course activities or a limited number of class meetings (fewer than three).

When requesting a CTLE space using our booking system, please provide the course code and instructor’s name and a description of the classroom activities.

Request an introduction by using the booking system and leave a remark.


To help academic staff make use of the classroom equipment, we encourage staff to take a minute to review quick start videos and important reminders 👇👉

For inquiries on the above rooms please contact our administrative staff Fernando Wong at ext. 8020 or