On Tuesday, 31 October 2023, the Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement at the University of Macau hosted an informal conversation for faculty on assessment strategies in light of recent advances in generative AI. Colleagues who attended the ‘conversation’ discussed a range of issues, including how generative-AI is being used by students, related issues of how to detect AI generated text in assessments, and how to design assessments that encourage students’ active application of critical and analytical skills. 

The conversation was structured around conversation questions that facilitated discussions of assessment practices in various disciplines. Participants discussed assessments that have worked well or poorly in their courses, and brainstormed ideas for assignments focused on critical thinking and practical skills. One recurrent theme involved requiring students to submit text or work for ‘low-stakes’ assessments, then revising that text/work based on peer feedback or in-class discussions. Another approach that was mentioned was to use specific sources, such as peer-reviewed articles, recently published texts/data, images/charts, or content from videos. Such approaches to assessment can encourage students to rely on their own skills and knowledge and consult published works of scholarship, rather than simply relying on AI tools to generate responses. Overall, the conversations represented a thoughtful discussion of numerous challenging issues to assessing learning in the era of generative-AI.

The organizers would like to thank the CTLE Academic Staff Advisors for helping facilitate discussions.

Slides and a resource from the event are available to download. 

A series of teaching blog posts  have been published on CTLE website regarding the integrating AI technologies in teaching, learning and assessment. CTLE is at your service in this rapidly evolving digital era of teaching and learning.