On 19 Oct, CTLE held a professional development workshop on assessment and feedback. Nearly 60 UM academic staff joined the event.

Prof. Soo Yuen Jien, Director of Center for Development of Teaching and Learning at National University Singapore, spoke on assessment and feedback. He introduced the key ideas in assessment and feedback in connection with their roles in teaching and learning. He shared criteria setting, evidence selecting and judgement making in the context of assessment design, and what purposes formative and summative assessments served. He finally shared some observations on creating feedback opportunities. (Download PPT) (Download Example) (Watch Video)

10 月 19 日,教與學優化中心舉辦了專業發展工作坊,主題為評估和反饋。近 60 名澳大學術人員參加。

新加坡國立大學教學發展中心主任 Soo Yuen Jien 教授作工作坊演講嘉賓,介紹了評價與反饋的關鍵理念並在教與學中的作用,他也分享了評估設計背景下的標准設置、證據選擇和判斷,以及形成型評估和總結型評估的服務目的等。最後他與同事們分享了創造反饋機會的想法、觀察和方法。(下載PPT)(下載例子)(觀看影片