On 30 Mar, CTLE held an online professional development workshop, with the theme of engaging students in research and inquiry-based learning. Nearly 40 UM academic staff joined the event.

Prof. Mick Healey from the University of Gloucestershire gave a workshop where he discussed research-teaching nexus with UM colleagues. Before the workshop, he shared with registered participants several mini case studies from different institutions. During the workshop, he shared strategies and ways of engaging students at the beginning and remainder of their course. He also talked about the connection between curriculum design and research-teaching nexus, as well as the conceptual framework on inquiry-based learning. (Download Slides) (Watch Video)

3 月 30 日,教與學優化中心在線舉辦了專業發展工作坊,主題為探討如何提升學生的學術探究及科研參與的教與學, 近40位澳大教職員參與。

來自英國格洛斯特郡大學的 Mick Healey 教授作工作坊主題嘉賓,討論研究與教學關係。工作坊前,他預先向參與的同事們分享了不同的案例研究;而在工作坊期間,他則分享了在課程開始及結束時,讓學生參與學習的策略和方法;他還談到課程設計和研究教學的關係,以及探究式學習的概念框架。  (下載PPT)    (觀看影片)