On 23 February, CTLE held an online professional development event , entitled ‘Fostering Collaboration in an EMI Classroom’. The event attracted nearly 60 academic staff members from UM.

Prof. Dr. Sascha Schanze from Leibniz University Hannover gave a keynote presentation on how collaborative learning would promote individual learning. He began with learning as conceptual development and talked about research on peer interaction method and instructional support in collaborative learning settings. He also shared some of the implications of practices such as think-pair-share, placemat activity and jigsaw puzzle. (Download slides)  (Watch video)

In the panel discussion ‘Strategies to enhance students’ experience in collaborative learning’, moderated by Prof. Katrine Wong, Director of CTLE, panelists from different faculties shared examples of collaborative learning projects and practices. The discussion highlighted the importance of allowing individual students to contribute and thereby giving each student an opportunity to pitch in during the learning process. As teachers, not only do we need to deliver content knowledge, we need to, more crucially, provide guidance for our students as they construct their own knowledge. Prof. Manuela Carvalho (FAH), Prof. Glenn McCartney (FBA), Prof. Frank Gong (FED), Prof. Garry Wong (FHS) and Ms. Miranda ma (FAH-ELC) joined the panel discussion. (Watch video)

In the teaching technology session, Dr. Chris Fulton (CTLE) introduced UMMoodle tools such as team builder and peer assessment, which can be used to enhance team-based and collaborative learning. More information could be found in our T&L blog.

2 月 23 日,教與學優化中心舉辦了一場教師專業發展活動,主題為〝如何在英語環境下有效促進協同學習〞,吸引了近60名澳大教學人員參與。

來自漢諾威大學 Sascha Schanze 教授作主題演講,題目為〝協作學習如何促進個人學習〞。他介紹了作為概念發展的學習,並談及在合作學習環境中,同伴互動方法和支援教學的相關研究。他還分享了例如:〝思考-配對-分享教學策略〞、餐墊式小組活動,和拼圖式合作學習等實踐活動對小組教學的影響。 (下載PPT)(觀看影片

小組討論環節由本中心主任王嘉祺教授主持,討論題目為〝在協作學習中提高學習體驗的策略〞,來自校內不同學院的教授分享了不同協作學習項目和實踐。是次討論強調讓每位學生在小組協作活動中作出貢獻,從而讓每位學生都有機會參與學習過程;作為老師,不僅需要傳遞內容知識,更重要的是在學生構建自己的知識時為他們提供指導。 是次小組討論參加者有:Manuela Carvalho教授(人文學院)、Glenn McCartney教授(工商管理學院)、龔陽教授(教育學院)、黃值富教授(健康科學學院)和馬倩兒女士(英語中心)。 (觀看影片

在教學科技環節上,本中心Chris Fulton 博士介紹了兩個在UMMoodle新增的工具,分別為Team Builder(團隊建設)和Peer Assessment(同伴評估),均可用於增強團隊的協作學習。有關該工具的詳細教學,請瀏覽本中心網頁上的教學博客