On 25 September, Prof. Katrine Wong, director of CTLE held a workshop entitled ‘How to Make Use of Mid-Term Surveys and SFQs: A UM Context’. Over 60 UM academic staff members from different units attended the workshop.

Prof. Katrine Wong introduced scholarship on purposes for collecting student feedback for both students, teachers and institutions. She also shared her ideas on Mid-Term Survey from the perspective of an instructor, with a focus on students’ learning experience. She looked at different types of student feedback questionnaire in use at UM, which highly engaged the audience and thus aroused heated discussions during the workshop. [PPT Download]

Chris Fulton, e-learning technology officer of CTLE, contributed towards the workshop by introducing how colleagues could create mid-term surveys on UMMoodle.



本中心科技學習技術主任Chris Fulton則向同事們介紹了如何在UMMoodle裡建立中期調查問卷的方法。