CTLE would like to announce to all academic staff that three new interactive learning spaces are now open for trial use. These new Interactive Learning Spaces are ideal classrooms for teaching classes which involve group work and have 24 students or fewer. These rooms feature writeable glass walls, multiple interactive displays, wireless displays and movable whiteboards that also function as partitions.

Three New Interactive Learning Spaces: ILS 3 (E3-G033), ILS 4 (E6-2116), ILS 5 (E6-2115)

Reservations of these spaces can now be made for academic course activities and staff meetings. To reserve a space, UM staff can use the UM Reservation System at https://isw.um.edu.mo/umresource/schedule.php?sid=93. Using that same reservation system, staff can also request an introduction to the requested space 10-minutes prior to their reservation period.

To request an ILS for regularly-scheduled courses in the Fall semester, academic staff will need to contact administrative staff in the general office of their home Faculty/Unit.

Colleagues who will use the spaces are highly encouraged to attend a 10-minute introduction to the classroom equipment prior to using the spaces. Detailed information on these spaces and resources for academic staff is on the CTLE website at ctle.um.edu.mo/resources.

教與學優化中心新設立的三個互動學習空間(下稱:學習空間)ILS 3(E3-G033),ILS 4(E6-2116),ILS 5(E6-2115)現可供澳大教學人員使用。學習空間設計適合小班教學及分組討論,可供最多24位學生同時使用。學習空間設有可書寫玻璃幕牆、多個可觸控式互動顯示器、無線顯示器及移動式白板。