On 7 March, CTLE held a workshop entitled ‘Multi-faceted Student Support System at UM: What SAO, RCs and Faculties are Doing’. The event attracted about 30 academic staff members.

During the workshop, 5 panelists from different academic support unit, faculties and residential colleagues (RCs), spoke about their experience of mentoring UM students and shared with participants useful information relevant to their line of work.

Mr. Elvo SOU, Head of Student Counselling Section from SAO, introduced different student services, support, organization and events. Prof. Dennis WANG, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs fo FED shared tips for handling attendance issue in different scenarios. Prof. Thomas LOK, Assistant Dean of FST, showed different student internship programmes and shared FST’s effort in student caring. Two associate masters from RCs, Dr. Kevin HUANG from CKLC and Dr. Vivian JIANG from PJC, introduced the rationale behind development diverse ranges of full-person nurturing and academic projects and activities designed by RCs.

The session generated a number of crucial questions and concerns, including sharing of resource and talents, learning needs and support, language competency (general and subject-specific)