UM holds first Intellectual Hackathon

The University of Macau (UM) held its first Intellectual Hackathon in its Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship recently. Co-organised by the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement, and the Information and Communication Technology Office, and sponsored by the Bank of China Macau Branch, the competition attracted 15 teams from various local educational institutions, including UM, Pui Ching Middle School, and Keang Peng School.

Two teams from UM, namely ‘DDG’ and ‘Expedition’, won the first prize. Two other teams from UM, namely ‘uniTeam’ and ‘SmartUMAC’, won the Outstanding Prize. A team from UM and a team from Pui Ching Middle School, namely ‘Pui Ching Normal Students’, won the Innovative Prize.

The event aimed to provide a platform for students from different disciplines to exchange ideas and generate innovative solutions for challenges associated with living and learning on campus. In addition to the competition, the organisers held a Mobile APP Training Camp and a technical briefing session for interested students earlier this month. During the competition, participating teams were required to develop an application prototype based on the UM Open Data API Platform within 24 hours, as well as to present and demonstrate their works and answer questions from the judges.


經過24小時激烈的角逐,最後由澳大的“DDG”和“Expedition”團隊奪得一等獎,優異獎由澳大的“uniTeam”及“SmartUMAC”獲得,最佳創意獎則分別由澳大的“開開心心學程式”及培正中學的“Pui Ching Normal Students”團隊奪得 。


出席頒獎典禮的嘉賓包括(排名不分先後):澳門特別行政區經濟局副局長劉偉明、澳門特別行政區教育暨青年局教育設備處處長黃超然、澳門特別行政區科學技術發展基金高級經理林振誠、中國銀行澳門分行個人金融與渠道管理部總監陳芬、澳門智慧城市聯盟協會理事長黃承發、Clayton Peister – Wynn Macau, Vice President of Casino Marketing (永利澳門及永利皇宮市場行政部副總裁彭啟棟)、永利澳門及永利皇宮研究及策略規劃行政總監倪孟正、永利澳門及永利皇宮創新,設計及發展總監張勝鵬。

Source: the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

新聞來源: 協同創新研究所

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