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Three tools to help take attendance in an online class 

By Chris Fulton, The Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement 

At least three tools can be used to take attendance in an online class: choice, feedback, and questionnaire. This blog post outlines the features of each tool. 

Of course, an ‘attendance tool in Moodle can also be used, and ICTO has guides on how to use it in class. However, that attendance tool, which requires students to scan a QR code quickly, seems more appropriate for a face-to-face class. Similarly, Zoom might be used for taking attendance but students’ information in a Zoom report may not match the information on a class roster. 

The tools described below can be used to do more than take attendance, such as help prepare students for learning, check students’ understanding or serve as the basis for discussions. 

Example of an ‘attendance’ question (feedback):

Comparison of tools

Feature/Tool  Choice  Feedback  Questionnaire 
Single question only       
Text questions and choices       
Multiple answers and essay type questions       
Advanced question types       
Export/import questions       
Grade/point awarded       


A major advantage of using a tool in Moodle is: 

  • the records will be automatically recorded, either in the course gradebook or activity completion report. 


  • only a questionnaire will record a grade or point. 
  • to make use of a choice or feedback activity, the activity tracking tools need to be enabled for each activity. 

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