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In this training experienced colleagues will introduce teaching tools that are used for enhancing teaching and learning. Topics covered include: grading forums, types of quiz questions, importing questions from Word, UM.Yuja.com and other resources for UM colleagues.

14 August 2023
10:00 – 11:30 am
Online via Zoom
Miguel Costa, Chris Fulton, Alice Lee

Topics covered:
1. Course layout and announcements
2. Uses of forums and how to grade submissions
3. Three quiz question types to try, and how to import M/C questions
4. Yuja, our video streaming/lecture capture platform
5. Other tools, from the gradebook, polls, activity tracking, and attendance with a QR code

‎We encourage colleagues to explore resources from past training sessions to make the most of the online training session.

📄Slides Moodle: a refresher
📺 Zoom recording [log in with UMPASS]

Course organization
📺 Video: Organizing course content in UMMoodle  [log in with UMPASS]

Reusing course materials
📺 Video: Reusing course content
ℹICTO FAQ: How to reuse UMMoodle course using “Import”?

Discussion Forums
📝 CTLE T&L Blog: Discussion Forums in UMMoodle

📝 CTLE T&L Blog: Four things to consider with automated quizzes and assessment design
📝 CTLE T&L Blog: Training on Academic Integrity of Online Exams and How to Build Quizzes
ℹICTO FAQ: How to create a multiple choice exercise in UMMoodle?

📝 CTLE T&L Blog: Introduction to UM.Yuja.com
ℹICTO FAQs: UM.Yuja.com

📝 CTLE T&L Blog: Three tools to help take attendance in an online class
ℹICTO FAQ: How to take attendance in a large class using dynamic QR code

📺 Video: Gradebook general setup 2023 [log in with UMPASS]
📝 CTLE T&L Blog: Gradebook setup basics

Polls / Mid-Term Student Feedback

📺 Video: Quick polls in UMMoodle with the feedback activity [log in with UMPASS]
📝 CTLE T&L Blog: 3 Tips on Polls in UMMoodle
📝 CTLE T&L Blog: Mid-term student feedback survey template

In addition, the ICTO Helpdesk is here to help. A collection of basic guides on UMMoodle is worth a look.

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