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Teaching with Zoom: A Conversation With UM Teachers
Need help with Zoom: here are our tips and links for teachers.
Colleagues already using Zoom have a few tips for new users.
Our top inks and immediate support can be found at Zoom Help Center
  1. Get your UM Zoom account
  2. Chat in Zoom:
  3. Screen Sharing in Zoom:
  4. Raise hand in Zoom:
  5. Mute in Zoom:
  6. Annotation tools:
  7. Breakout rooms:
  8. Adding zoom in moodle:
  9. Recording in Zoom:
  10. Support for Zoom (from CTLE) :
Are you getting started with Zoom? A recent bulletin from ICTO has consolidated information on how to sign in to Zoom and use Zoom. See it at Note that TAs who will tutor with our Zoom service should first register with ICTO, and not at
After consulting ICTO colleagues and the Zoom Support Desk regarding access in Mainland China, we would like to remind UM colleagues of the official addresses for academic and TAs staff there.
Academic staff who registered with ICTO can start (host) meetings from the respective page: (automatically redirected in Mainland China)
Academic staff can download the Zoom app from:
I would like to add that as more work is being done online, please be alert to suspicious messages and links.
For links and information on Zoom see our page at .




  1. 獲取您的澳大Zoom帳戶(相關連結
  2. 聊天功能(相關連結
  3. 屏幕共享功能(相關連結
  4. 舉手發問功能(相關連結
  5. 對用戶靜音功能(相關連結
  6. 註釋功能(相關連結
  7. 分組討論室功能(相關連結
  8. 在Moodle安排Zoom會議(相關連結
  9. 錄製影片功能(相關連結
  10. CTLE技術支援(相關連結

老師們開始使用Zoom進行在線課堂嗎? ICTO最近發布一則有關如何登錄和使用Zoom的通告。(相關連結






澳門地區 (相關連結