Project Description

Record lectures with Yuja

UM Yuja is a video streaming service that can be used to record lectures.

Quick start guide

  1. Open YuJa from a YuJa channel in a UMMoodle course. Alternatively, open YuJa from myUM Portal.
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  2. Click on Create Recording. A window will pop-up. Click Start and the YuJa software recording application will open. First-time users will need to download and install an application (Tip: Install the app as an administrator on Windows).

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  3. We suggest recording the audio and screen. Check to see that the audio levels are
    • Video, your web camera, can be turned off.
    • Audio from a handheld microphone (Dante) is the recommended input source. Speak into the handheld microphone and confirm that the audio recording level is good; a few bars of yellow should appear in the audio meter as you speak.
    • Record your screen. We recommend recording presentation slides in full-screen mode.
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  4. Start the recording. A mini-toolbar will appear at the bottom-right of your screen.
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  5. Stop the recording using the mini-toolbar. Save the recording and keep the computer on as it uploads. The “event’ will be recorded to your My Media folder.
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  6. To make a video recording available to students, publish the video on a course channel. Students will get a notification.