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Best Practices for Supporting Teaching and Learning Online

With hybrid teaching now being implemented at the University of Macau, committed teachers are holding classes online with UMMoodle and Zoom. This blog post features some of our colleagues’ tips and best practices. Let’s see what has worked well to support teaching and learning of different disciplines in an online environment.

Designing Online Assessments:
Tips from CTLE

Following a recent online meet-up wherein colleagues shared their experience, concerns and best practices of online assessments, CTLE wishes to share with you tips on designing online assessments.

Instructors who would like to conduct online exams are encouraged to create assessments in UMMoodle.

  • Quiz activity in UMMoodle – Quiz questions which are machine-marked can include:
    • short-answer questions,
    • multiple-choice questions, and
    • Embedded Answers (cloze) questions. [Cloze questions consist of a passage of text that has various answers embedded within it, including multiple-choice, short answers, and numerical answers.]
  • Assignment activity in UMMoodle – Essays and open-book exams can be uploaded to an Assignment activity in UMMoodle, one which has a Veriguide feature enabled.

The following strategies can help maintain UM’s academic rules and regulations.

  • Promote academic integrity as a serious matter. Encourage students to be honest, during online classes, before an exam, and in the online assessment.
  • Develop assessment questions that are more relevant to the course objectives or individuals and for which answers cannot be easily shared.
  • Try to monitor the integrity of online exams, which can be done using tools in UMMoodle.

How to set up Quizzes and Assignments in UMMoodle

ICTO provides technical support to all teachers and students. Here are guides demonstrating how to set up quizzes and assignments in UMMoodle.


If you plan to set up a Quiz in UMMoodle, there are settings that can be adjusted to reduce opportunities for cheating and collusion. Here are a few settings for quizzes in UMMoodle which should be enabled:

  • Set a time limit
  • Set an opening/closing date time
  • Quiz layout: new question every page
  • Shuffle answers of multiple-choice questions
  • How questions behave: deferred feedback
  • Shuffle questions within the quiz

Note: Students may not be familiar with quizzes in UMMoodle, and it is important to prepare students for an online exam by giving them an opportunity to a trial quiz. After students complete a trial quiz in UMMoodle, teachers should be prepared to provide their students with additional guidance, if needed, on how to successfully complete an online exam.

If you want to set up an Assignment in UMMoodle, here are a few settings that should be noted:

  • Set availability and the due date
  • Require one file to be uploaded
  • Specify filetype, e.g., .doc and .docx
  • Enable Veriguide, for TA, not for student
  • Feedback: optional, Annotate PDF and Feedback files
    Require students check submission statement
  • Optional: grading method: rubric

For more tips on creating online assessments, check out a recent blog post, “Talking Points from an Online Faculty Meetup & Training on Academic Integrity of Online Exams and How to Build Quizzes” or join an upcoming online meet-up.


Students who would like more information should pay close attention to their courses on UMMoodle. Video tutorials on how to use UMMoodle can be found at an ICTO page, A Distance Learning Quick Start Guide for Students.

Contact Points:
For teachers and students –

ICTO Help Desk
Telephone: 8822-8600






-善用UMMoodle中的測驗活動(Quiz Activity):設置非開放式的問題,例如:

  • 簡答題;
  • 選擇題;
  • 填充題相關連結)(由一段包含了各種問題和答案的文本組成,如:多選題,簡答題和數字問題)



  • 促進學術誠信是非常嚴肅的,我們鼓勵學生在在線課堂上、考試前和在線評分的過程中,時刻保持誠實;
  • 制定出難以與他人共享的課程目標和評分問題;
  • 盡量使用UMMoodle的不同工具來監察在線考試。



  • 如何在UMMoodle中創建多選題練習?(相關教學
  • 如何在UMMoodle中創建聆聽練習?(相關教學
  • 如何在UMMoodle中佈置新的作業?(相關教學


  • 設定時間限制(相關連結);
  • 設置開始和結束的日期和時間;
  • 改變測驗佈局,每頁設施新的問題;
  • 在選擇題中隨機排列答案;
  • 採用延遲反饋模式作答
  • 在測驗中隨機排列問題



  • 設置作業的有效日期和截止日期
  • 只要求上傳一個文件;
  • 指定文件類型,例如.doc和.docx;
  • 啟用Veriguide:適用於助教,而不用於學生(相關連結);
  • 採用註釋反饋文件如PDF;
  • 要求學生提交作業聲明;
  • 使用Rubric評量指標來對作業評分。

有關創建在線評估的更多技巧,請閱瀏上一篇教學博客文章:〝在線教師培訓重點回顧:如何保持在線考試的學術完整性、怎樣建立測驗 〞(連結