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Details of the workshop
Date 27 September 2017 (Wednesday)
Time12:15 – 13:30
VenueE3-1032 (Interactive Learning Space 1)
SpeakerProf. Emily OON (FED)

*Refreshments will be provided


As a CTLE advisor for the past two years, I consistently received feedback from instructors from across faculties and centres that UM students are passive in learning. Particularly, they are reluctant  to participate in discussions and shy away from asking questions in class. Considering that UM is implementing learner-centered teaching with English as a medium of instruction, I speculate students’ competency to verbalize their thoughts as one of the reasons. On the other hand, one needs no reminder that this problem needs to be addressed in order to improve teaching and learning. How do we encourage students to participate more actively in our classrooms if language is one barrier stopping them from active participation in learning? One way to help them is to use e-portfolio, supported by UM, as a mechanics followed by which they present in the e-portfolio for discussion. I find that using e-portfolio to document learning helps. e-Portfolio is a personalized space for students to document their learning over time and for teachers to trace learning progress and learning outcomes. To me, it is a promising tool to meet the needs of emerging pedagogy to learning. In this session, an example of how e-portfolio is being used in UM classrooms will be presented. 

About the Speaker:

Prof. Emily OON

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