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Hands-on Series: Skills Needed To Make Instructional Videos


Date: 15 Mar 2023(Wed) 

Time: Session A (10:00-13:00) 

           Session B (15:00-18:00) (same content to Session A)

Venue: Demo Classroom (E6-3112), Studio 1(E6-3122),

              Studio 2 (E6-3123), Mini-Studio (E6-3121)  

Speaker: Mr. Fernando Wong (CTLE)

Format: PPT Presentation and hands-on practice

Class Size: 15 Max. per Session

Target audience: UM academic staff

Language: English

Registration: 1 Mar to 13 Mar

*Note: Please note that participants are required to be present at the entire session to receive a certificate of attendance. 

Section 1: Know the basics (40mins)

  • Brief-Introduction of basic concepts of filming education video (why, how)
  • Stylesof educational video lectures: PPT, Studio, on location
  • Equipment needed for filming the video (CTLE studio as a model)
  • Preparation before filming: Choose your video style, reference online, writing script, PPT layout, clothing
  • How to make use of script and teleprompter
  • Examples of good practice
Section 2: Three, Two, One, Start! (60mins)

  • Hands-on filming in CTLE studio/on location
  • Things to keep in mind while filming (phone mute, eyesight, filming environment, volume)
  • Using props to helpwith your script
  • Introduce Video capturing applications: Camtasia, Logitech Capture
Section 3: Welcome to the world of video-editing! (80mins)

  • Managing your project and footage
  • Video-editing applications: Camtasia, Adobe Rush, iMovie, Final Cut Pro X
  • Workflow of video-editing
  • Rendering, compressing, sharing
  • Hands-on video editing in CTLE studio/Demo Classroom  (group)

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