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CTLE Professional Development Seminar:

Promoting Active Learning and Student Engagement in Learning-centred Teaching

Date: 8 March
Time: 3:00PM-4:30PM
Venue: E3-1032


It is our understanding that effective learning will take place if students are engaged in active learning. Yet, it is not uncommon to hear teachers say that their students are always passive and disengaged in the classroom. The presentation will focus on why active learning and student engagement are essential in learning-centred teaching and some instructional strategies for promoting active learning and student engagement in the classroom will be explored.

Bio of speaker:

Professor Cecilia Chun is the Director of the Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.   She has experience in teacher education and has been involved in public-funded research projects on language education and language related issues. She served as team member on local and international consultancy projects and academic accreditation and audit panels.

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