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CTLE Teaching Conversation: Increasing Student Engagement

Join us for an informal talk by Prof. Jerome Yen, the Head of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UM. The talk will be followed by small group discussions that facilitate the exchange of ideas on how teachers can improve or increase student engagement.

Teaching for Bridging the Gap between the Campus and Society
Prof. Jerome Yen (ICI, FST)
Head of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Distinguished Professor of Department of Computer and Information Science of Faculty of Science and Technology
CTLE Academic Staff Advisor

Conversations with Colleagues: Improved Student Engagement in Higher Education’s Next Normal – Five Adaptations to Explore
Dr. Chris Fulton (CTLE)
Join us for a discussion with colleagues on how technologies might or can enhancing student engagement. In this session we will look at five “pandemic-introduced innovative teaching adaptations” (Glantz et al. 2021) that were identified as effective in improving student engagement, namely: (i) collaborative technologies for sense-making, (ii) student experts in learning and technology, (iii) back channels, (iv) digital breakout rooms, and (v) supplemental recordings.

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