CTLE held a series of Teaching Assistant Training Workshops recently that promoted core skills and knowledge to graduate students who are involved in teaching-related duties and who may go on to work at UM or other academic institutions in teaching category.

The workshop series included a total of 7 sessions: 1). Your First Day as TA: How to Prepare for the Role 2). Classroom Presence: Do’s and Don’ts of Teacher Student Interactions, Plus Academic Dishonesty 3). Leading and Facilitating Discussion and Tutorials On-line and Face-to-Face 4,5). Tools that Support Learning Part 1 and 2 6). Creating and Using Grading Rubrics 7). Effective Lecturing: Developing a Mini-Lecture

This training workshop series has attracted over 450 postgraduate students, and over 80 percent of them have completed 6 out of 7 sessions and related assignment, and thus received a certificate of completion.