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The University of Macau has purchased a campus license for Zoom, an online videoconferencing service. Zoom is a leading, cloud-based platform for videoconferencing and simple online meetings. This web-based conferencing service uses high-quality video and audio and is accessible on Windows and Mac OS X, as well as iOS and Android mobile phones. Joining a Zoom meeting on your computer or mobile device is as easy as clicking on a URL.

UM staff and students at UM can get a Basic Zoom account capable of holding 40-minute meetings with up to 50 participants. To get an UM Zoom account, visit the ICTO Account Information Page at https://account.icto.umac.mo and read and agree to the terms.

1. Get a UM Zoom Account
  • A basic account allows up to 50 participants to join a video meeting at the same time, share content, send personal messages, record video meetings, and other features. It is a good choice for hosting online office hours or tutorial sessions.
  • Faculty can request a temporary T&L license for educational activities with up to 50 participants for meetings of an unlimited duration. Fill out a  Zoom T&L License Request Form. After you complete the request form, CTLE will verify your request and contact you.
2. Request T&L (Pro) Account


Get Started & Help with Zoom

Please refer to the ICTO website and documents for details:

  1. www.umac.mo/icto/conferencing
  2. User Guide of Zoom Cloud-based Web Conference Services.pdf
  3. Operation Guide of Zoom Cloud Based Web Conference Services (For Faulty and RC Zoom Pro Account only).pdf

Documentation and videos on how to get started with Zoom is in the Zoom Support Center.

For help with Zoom, go to the Zoom Technical Support page to submit a help ticket, or to call or chat with a Zoom support representative.

3. Zoom Support Center


Get Help Teaching with Videoconferencing

If you are faculty or teaching assistant and have questions about, or need help with incorporating video conferencing into your teaching, please contact Chris Fulton at chrisfulton@umac.mo or 8822-4574.

You can also stop by CTLE at E6-3114 in the Central Teaching Building on Thursday afternoons to talk with Chris Fulton about the different ways you can use this exciting technology in your classroom or for different purposes.