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Examples of how quizzes and formative assessments are used to improve learning and promote academic integrity were shared by Prof. Patrick Chu (FBA) and Mr. Miguel Costa (FST) at a professional development event on Wednesday, 17 November.

One key takeaway from an informal group discussion was that ungraded quizzes can motivate learners. Ungraded quizzes that are conducted in-class, which give learners’ feedback on exam-like questions, can be helpful in preparing for final exams and are generally perceived as helpful.

Second, ungraded quizzes tend to be effective when used in conjunction with interactive classroom activities and post-class activities. A typical in-class activity that can be conducted in any discipline is a “peer debate.” So, after a quiz or poll is conducted, an instructor can ask students to form small groups to discuss a complex question, concept or contentious issue. Discussing polls and quizzes in-class in small groups tends to create an effective classroom learning environment.

Third, unique quizzes with different sets of questions for each student can be created in UMMoodle. These unique quizzes should help reduce opportunities for collusion on online quizzes.

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