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Date: 28 August 2019 (Wednesday)

Time: 9:30 – 13:30

Venue: E3-1032

*Morning & lunch refreshments will be provided to registered participants.

*Equivalent to 4 hours of Professional Development


Program Rundown

09:15-09:30 (15 mins) Morning refreshment
09:30-09:45 (15 mins) Opening remarks by Prof. Yonghua SONG, Rector
09:45-11:00 (75 mins) Keynote Presentation Learner-Centred Education @UM: Why and How? by Prof. Billy Kee Long SO, Vice Rector (Student Affairs)
11:00-11:15 (15 mins) Coffee break
11:15-12:00 (45 mins) Faculty Panel by Prof. Katrine WONG (RC), Prof. Bingpu ZHOU (IAPME), Ms. Miranda MA (FAH-ELC), Mr. Elvo SOU (SAO), Mr. Antony SI TOU (ICTO), moderated by Dr. Christopher FULTON (CTLE)
12:00-12:30 (30 mins) Student Panel by Joana Fronteras SALAMANES (FAH), Katrina XIAN (FHS), Jorge MOTA (FLL), Jasmine LI (FST),

moderated by Prof. Katrine WONG (FAH/DCTLE)

12:30-13:05 (35 mins) Technology Session 1:Nudging Students Toward Success on UMMoodle with Attendance, Messages and Completion Tracking by Prof. Katrine WONG (FAH/DCTLE), Prof. Yisu ZHOU (FED), Mr. Miguel COSTA (FST), and Dr. Christopher FULTON (CTLE)
13:05-13:30 (25 mins) Technology Session 2:Key Features of Rain Classroom by Prof. Michael LI (Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning,HKAPA)
13:30 Lunch & Discussion



Session Description:


Keynote: Learner-Centred Education @UM

This presentation will pose two questions: First, what is Learner-Centred Education and, more importantly, what is not? Second, does Learner-Centred Education matter in the context of UM? Prof. Billy So will use a Learner-Centred approach to engage participants of the workshop through a process of exploration of these two questions. It is hoped that the keynote will generate reflection upon and curiosity about the way we educate our students and what more we may be able to do at UM.


Faculty Panel

Representatives from Faculties/Institutes, RC, SAO and ICTO will exchange their ideas and experience on what student engagement and student success mean. They will also share their thoughts on how to conduct effective group-work both inside and outside of classroom.


Student Panel

Student representatives will exchange their ideas and experience on what student engagement means to them. They will also share their thoughts on what kind of in-class activities and material (digital or no) help them learn better in their discipline.


Technology Session on Moodle

Find out how Moodle and Rain Classroom are being used by colleagues at UM. In this session the new, key and advanced features of Moodle will be introduced in hands-on demonstrations. Features such as attendance, messaging, and completion tracking can be used to help nudge students towards success.


Technology Session on Rain Classroom

This session will introduce key features of Rain Classroom (RC) that are particularly applicable to UM setting — random roll-call, quizzes, polls, Danmu. The speaker will also provide discipline-specific examples.

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