E-learning Technologies

Technologies can be powerful teaching tools that can increase student engagement and learning, and increase instructors’ efficiency. This page provides information, ideas, and examples of how key technologies at UM can support teaching and learning activities. Links to the key UM supported e-learning technologies at the University of Macau in 2020 are provided.

TechnologyUsesLinkRegistration Required
UMMoodleDistribute course information, course communications, efficient assessments, increase student learning and engagementfaq.icto.um.edu.moNo
Rain Classroom
Multiple-choice, open-ended questions, quizzes, student feedback, etc.ykt.io/help (简化字)
ctle.um.edu.mo/quick-start-guide (English)
Evaluate the originality of students' work, evaluate students' written work, provide feedbacklibrary.umac.moNo
Academic Honesty QuizAutomated freestanding tutorial to increase student awareness and understanding of academic integrityctle.um.edu.moYes
E-Portfolio (Mahara)Document informal and formal learning experiences, and projects
Zoom Video ConferencingOnline office hours, recording online tutorials, mobile learningum.edu.mo/ictoYes
QualtricsSurveys, research, quizzes, course evaluation feedbacklibrary.umac.moYes

See also

  • ICTO Helpdesk or UMMoodle for immediate support, information and notification of service interruptions
  • UM ICTO policy on acceptable use of information and communication technologies
  • CTLE website for faculty workshops, upcoming events, and resources

Workshops on E-learning Technologies

Regular CTLE workshops are held for UM faculty and graduate students. At workshops faculty, CTLE staff and ICTO colleagues demonstrate how to use Moodle, online quizzes, interactive learning spaces, video recording tools and other e-learning tools to save time and resources and be more efficient and effective in teaching your course. View the schedule and register for upcoming workshops.

In addition, CTLE provides personal assistance and learning communities to staff at the University of Macau (UM) who would like support in using technology in their classrooms. CTLE’s e-learning specialist, Chris Fulton, is available to provide training for your faculty for groups of 4 or more.

E-Learning Consultations

CTLE staff offer consultations on how to make use of e-learning technologies for teaching at UM. In consultations, our staff can provide examples of how small changes to teaching with the technologies that are supported at UM, e.g. UMMoodle and mobile devices, can be easily incorporated into instructional practices to increase student learning gains and provide students with meaningful feedback. The topics below list a few topics on how online quizzes, polls, surveys, discussion forums and video conferencing technology can be used in and after class to increase student learning and student engagement.

E-Learning Workshop or Consultation Topics

  • Engage Students and Increase Learning with In-class Polls on Mobile Phones
  • Enhance Engagement and Learning with Zoom
  • Enhance Communication with Moodle Discussion Forums
  • Monitoring Attendance in Classes with Mobiles and Moodle Questionnaires
  • Give automated feedback and assessment with quizzes in Moodle
  • Identify popular resources and track student progress with reports in Moodle
  • Create interactive videos with Office Mix to introduce new concepts before class
  • Integrate an Academic Integrity Tutorial into your course