Creativity, Innovation…and how do we get there from here?2016-12-16T15:46:24+08:00




We hear these buzzwords constantly, but why is this important, and what concrete steps can we take to foster these in our students? This presentation/workshop will take a very practical look at what we can do, and why we ought to do it, and how leveraging technology  can give us the time.


Christopher J. Keyes (b. 1963) began his career as a pianist, winning many competitions and later making his “double-debut” in Carnegie Hall as both soloist and guest composer with the New York Youth Symphony.  He continued his musical training at the Eastman School of Music, completing his doctorate in 1992. Among his numerous awards are a Rudolf Nissim award for best orchestral work by a living ASCAP member, the Eastman Szernovsky Award, and numerous scholarships including the University of California’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Physics. His compositions have been performed and broadcast in over 30 countries worldwide.

As an educator he has taught in Hong Kong for over 20 years, has been writing desktop applications for his students for over 15 years, and now directs the Resource Centre for Ubiquitous Learning and Integrated Pedagogy. He is currently a Professor of Music at Hong Kong Baptist University where he directs the Laboratory for Immersive Arts and Technology.