Recap: Faculty Lunchtime Conversation: Interactive Teaching with Video Recordings and Real-time Feedback

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Practical and innovative learner-centred teaching approaches with technology were shared.

【Revolution About Education】 Prof. Barry REYNOLDS from the Faculty of Education Shares Teaching Experience

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Professor Barry from FED shares his experience and thoughts on teaching and learning.

Faculty Perspectives on Learner-Centered Approaches: Notes from a Teaching with Technology Lunchtime Conversation 

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Effective strategies and tools which can help faculty shift towards more learner-centred teaching approaches were shared.

CTLE Teaching Assistant Training Workshops 2019 held successfully

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This training workshop series has attracted over 450 postgraduate students, and over 80 percent of them have completed 6 out of 7 sessions and related assignment, and thus received a certificate of completion.

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Highlights from ‘How to Make Use of Mid-Term Surveys and SFQs: A UM Context’

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On 25 September, Prof. Katrine Wong, director of CTLE held a workshop entitled ‘How to Make Use of Mid-Term Surveys and SFQs: A UM Context’. Over 60 UM academic staff members from different units attended the workshop.

Prof. Katrine Wong introduced scholarship on purposes for collecting student feedback for both students, teachers and institutions. She […]

Recap: CTLE Half-Day Faculty Development Workshop: Learner-Centred Teaching and Learning @UM

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On 28 Aug, CTLE held the Autumn Half-Day Faculty Development workshop with the new semester started themed ‘Learner-Centred Teaching & Learning @UM’. Over 60 UM academic staffs from different Faculties, Institutes and Residential Colleges attended the half-day workshop, which is held once per semester and designed to enhance teaching and learning in the UM […]