In this workshop, Dr. Ament shares theories, tips, and techniques that were developed and used to successfully teach and/or develop four massive open, online courses that have enrolled nearly 70,000 students. Using a pedagogical approach called “personable learning,” Dr. Ament and Dr. Edwards advocate for hands-on and immersive approach to teaching (even in large-scale settings) that avoids the individualization and learner isolation typical of the “personalized learning” movement in favor of a more collaborative and collective approach that brings teachers and peer learners together into a dynamic ecosystem of engagement and interaction. Additionally, the workshop will showcase how certain educational technologies can be used to promote stronger mentoring and deeper connections between teachers and learners in online, face-to-face and blended classrooms.



Currently the Endowed Chair in Telecommunications at Ball State University, Vanessa Theme Ament collaborates with Dr. Richard Edwards on the pedagogy of Personable Learning. Dr. Ament produced and directed Amplified: A Conversation with Women in American Film Sound. She has been a Foley artist, sound editor, and voice actor in many films including Die Hard, Platoon, Predator, Edward Scissorhands, Beauty and the Beast, and sex, lies, and videotape. Her scholarship includes educational pedagogy, cultural studies, film sound, and film music. This past June, she taught the online Mad About Musicals course (MOOC) for Ball State University and Turner Classic Movies, appeared with Ben Mankiewicz on air to introduce two nights of the musicals, and also appeared at the Turner Classic Film Festival this past March. The author of several articles on Personable Learningalong with Dr. Richard Edwards, several book chapters on film sound, The Foley Grail, and co-author of Hollywood Sound Design and Moviesound Newsletter: A Case Study of the End of the Analog Age, Dr. Ament received her Ph.D. in Moving Image Studies from Georgia State University.