Case Studies from the Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT), Macau2016-06-08T15:01:52+08:00

Extra-curricular Involvement: How String Orchestra Can be a Complete Task-based Learning Experience
Hilda Fok, Institute For Tourism Studies, Macau

From zero to musical heroes. This seminar shares the experience of how extra-curricular involvement has helped Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) students to put management theory into practice. From sourcing music to regular music practice, then creating and promoting classical concerts to the public, a task-based and hands-off approach was applied for students to take the lead and convert their musical hobbies into a management experience. The operation of the IFT Chamber Music Club shows that students can develop and demonstrate greater capability then expected when they are given the right level of freedom and flexibility.


Supporting the Development of Independent Learners:
Laurie Malungu, Institute For Tourism Studies, Macau

The divide between the student as a passive recipient of knowledge and the student as an independent learner, capable of applying knowledge in new ways, is vast. If the objective of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) is to foster the development of future leaders and animators in society, all students should be guided to engage actively in acquiring knowledge, skills and capacity that can be recognised by competent peers.  Students at the Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) engage in online independent Study Units that expand teaching beyond the classroom in the first two years of study and challenge students to acquire new skills and standards through e-modules in the final two years of their programme.  This seminar demonstration will introduce the IFT model for systematically supporting independence in learning.


Revisiting Ancient Technology for Students’ Assessment: Grading Made Easy with Excel
Henrique Ngan, Institute For Tourism Studies, Macau

With the ever-growing development of technology, a wide range of tools are being made available to assist educators in the assessment of students’ performance inside and outside the classroom setting. What is deem to be useful today often fades into memory by the dawn of tomorrow. Caution needs to be exercised when educators fall into the continuous pursuit of technology to assist their assessment of students’ performance. The present workshop aims to showcase how “ancient technology” (e.g. MS Excel) are still worthwhile and not fall into the fades of memory.


From Concept to University Club – The IFT Volunteer Circle
Stephen Sayers, Institute For Tourism Studies, Macau

In August 2013, a handful of students and a lecturer came together to discuss the idea of forming a Volunteer Circle at the Institute for Tourism Studies. Today the group has become a Sub-Club of the Student Union of over 20 active volunteers contributing to the betterment of the wider Macau community and building ties with other university student volunteers and supporters in the East-Asian region.  This session will highlight 3 elements of this journey to release the potential of youth to serve society: creating spaces to learn and serve, building capacity, and operating in a learning mode.


Process Assessment
Mary Eddy U, Institute For Tourism Studies, Macau

Written assessments that students submit are nearly always a first attempt, sometimes written in a hurry the night before the assignment is due. However, this certainly does not represent the best that the student is capable of. Process assessment, in which parts or the whole of the assignment are submitted early for teacher feedback and subsequent student editing, can improve student learning outcomes as well as final assignment quality. This seminar will outline several different approaches to process assessment used at IFT and discuss some pros and cons of this sort of assessment.