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As a pilot program CTLE will offer faculty, teaching assistants and administrative staff specialized training workshops on some purposeful and effective uses of digital technologies for teaching and learning during the 2015/2016 academic year. The purposes for using digital technologies for teaching might be to; reduce time teachers spend preparing and grading learning activities, increase student participation in and outside class, increase student learning and engagement with key concepts, provide multi-modal ways for student self-directed learning, etc. The primary e-learning technology supported by the University of Macau is UMMoodle, a learning management system that is widely used by most teaching staff and more than 96% of UM students.

The following technical topics have been identified as being of potential interest to academic staff who are exploring purposeful uses of UM-Moodle. CTLE’s e-learning specialist, Chris Fulton, is available to provide training for your faculty for groups of 6 to 12 colleagues.

If you or a group of colleagues are interested in having CTLE provide a training session please complete a request form.

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Suggested topics include:

Introductory Topics (60-90 minutes needed for each session)

Session A: Presenting and organizing materials for instruction

Presenting video, audio, web pages, and presentations on a Moodle course page
•   UMMoodle tools: labels, pages, text editor
Sharing resources and materials between teachers and courses
•   UMMoodle tools: import activities
Linking to learning activities on external websites
•   Web 2.0 tools: Google Docs and Padlet

Session B: Communicate using Moodle

Notify students using the news forum; Create different types of forums for student discussions
•   UMMoodle tools: forums
Set up communication tools on a course page
•   UMMoodle tools: attendance block, comments block
Give quicker feedback to assignments
•   UM tools: Turnitin

Advanced Topics (90-120 minutes needed for each session)

Session C: Quizzes

Increase student interest and feedback with polls
•   UMMoodle tools: questionnaires
Increase student learning with quizzes
•   UMMoodle tools and CTLE tools: quizzes and clickers
Facilitate reading and discussions using forums
•   UMMoodle tools: Student-rated Forums

Session D: Keeping track of learning progress

Promote self-regulated learning
•   UMMoodle tools: conditional activities
Conduct quick and consistent grading
•   UMMoodle tools: rubrics
Organize the gradebook and calculate grades:
•   UMMoodle tools: gradebook views, categories, and weights

Specialized sessions on other tools and topics can be arranged provided there is sufficient interest, a minimum of six participants is required.  Please contact Chris Fulton. Note CTLE holds weekly open office hours on various e-learning tools on Thursdays 2:30-4:30 pm, which are suitable for smaller groups.