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Project Description

Ending Well – Starting New  


This is the final teaching tip for the semester since classes in next week.  Although it is a busy time of year for many reasons; including wrapping up your courses, the start of the holiday season, and the usual flurry of university’s activities that occurs at the end of each semester, it is important to take a few minutes to reflect on this semester.   Too often, -because it is easy and we are busy- we simply write finals, grade; finals, papers and projects, submit final grades and closed the book on the semester.  However, now is the best time, before your courses are memories, to reflect on the following:

 Am I happy with this semester’s teaching?

 What worked, what didn’t work and what would I like to change/improve?

 What might I change and is it worth changing?

What new approach, pedagogy, or assignments might I integrate into next semester’s teaching, or will I do what I’ve always done and hope for the best?

We often hear about the importance of being a reflective teacher, someone who periodically reflects upon their teaching and student learning and uses the reflections as a guide to improve teaching and student learning.  Be a reflective teacher but remember to document thoughts and changes, they will be useful in filling out your faculty activity reports.

Next semester’s classes begin on Monday, January 9.   January 9 will quickly arrive or seem to, so it is not too early to begin thinking about next semester.  When you begin that process, it may be worth your time for you to visit or revisit the CTLE teaching tips (https://ctle.um.edu.mo/resources/) and search for tips and suggestions to help to make next semesters teaching even better.

Lastly, remember CTLE is here to assist you in improving teaching and learning in your course, so please, let us know how we can help or if there are specific areas where we can be of service.