Project Description


Up to 13 iPads Airs can be requested for up to 5 days for the purpose of classroom teaching enhancement. Please submit a request using the form below and CTLE staff will respond. In the request include a brief description of

  • how the devices will be used for teaching and learning purposes, and
  • where the devices will be used and stored.

In addition, students and researchers using those iPads in the field should be reminded regularly of UM’s Acceptable Use Policy – ICTO Computing Facilities, Campus Network and Internet.

*Note: A set of 13 iPads can be borrowed by academic or administrative staff. The maximum loan period is five days.


An online iPad request form needs to be submitted online 1 week in advance. After the request is reviewed and approved, teaching staff will be asked to submit a signed hard copy of a user agreement and guidelines.

The academic staff or administrative staff borrowing the iPads assumes responsibility for the devices, and accessories (Apple charger, Apple USB cable, Apple Lightning-VGA connector).

Equipment fees for loss or damage to iPads: Lost or Stolen: MOP$3100; Damaged: MOP$1400; Charger (Block and USB Cable) MOP$150.

Request to use the classroom by clicking on the item below, e.g. request a set of iPads on a date. Please provide your name, email address, and more information about the request.*

There are no upcoming events

*Note that for security purposes this form can be completed only on campus or using UM SSLVPN. Also, be aware that this booking service is hosted on Google Calendar, which is not hosted on a server in Macau. Please note that the names and email address provided will be passed to the service provider in order to create the request.

Suggested Software (Apps)

The software on the site edtechteacher.org has been used successfully for teaching and learning. To install apps you must create an Apple ID to download the app. Note that all apps, data and settings will be erased when the iPads are returned.

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